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Private Music Lessons

Beginning and Continuing Band Instruction

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Euphonium/Baritone, Tuba, Percussion

Why Take Private Music Lessons?

  • Hands on Instruction

  • Instant Feedback

  • Personalized Training

  • Goal Setting

  • Constant Support and Encouragement

Why Are Private Music Lessons So Useful?

  • Try out an instrument to see if it's a good fit, before you buy!

  • Faster improvement than in group lessons!

  • One-on-one attention!

  • Safe place to make mistakes, free of peer pressure!

  • Continued practice over the summer, so your skills stay fresh!

Tips for Students and Parents

For Students:
  • Practice your instrument at home!

  • Be on time for your lesson

  • Remember your instrument, music, and materials on your lesson day

  • Always give your best effort

  • Have fun!

For Parents:
  • Encourage your child to practice their band skills

  • Help your child be on time for their lesson, with all needed materials

  • Notice your young musician's improvement!

Need Another Reason to Start Instrument Lessons?

Important Details

Where will lessons be held?
  • Lessons are normally held in my band room at Binford Middle.  

  • Lessons can also take place at the home of the student, given there is an adequate practice space, and the home is within a reasonable driving distance.

When are the lessons?
  • Lessons take place after school is out, usually beginning at 4pm.  

  • During the summer, lesson times are flexible, but normally take place between 10am-4pm.

What will you need?
  • Instrument; I recommend renting an instrument. Please contact me if you need any kind of assistance!

  • Lesson book

  • Transportation to and from lessons

Cost of Private Lessons
  • $22 per half hour lesson

  • $34 per 45 minute lesson

  • This rate is quite competitive- likely the cheapest you can find!

Contact me now with questions, or to set up your first lesson!

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“I am a sixth grade percussionist. I have been playing since fourth grade when Mr. Rebmann started teaching me. I LOVE DRUMMING! It is really fun for me and if it wasn't for Mr. Rebmann it couldn't be possible. He makes music exciting. Plus, you can learn A LOT! I had band practice with Mr. Rebmann and private lessons. Private lessons are so helpful. Mr. Rebmann can help improve your playing. It's again, really fun. I would recommend Mr. Rebmann as one of the best.  GOOD LUCK DRUMMERS!"

Stella B. / Student

“Mr. Rebmann's love of music and genuine concern for his students' well-being are evident in everything he does. Both my son's skill and his enthusiasm for playing his instrument have increased under Mr. Rebmann's instruction."

Sandra P. / Parent

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